Experience the convenience of our 'Ready to Wear' yacht uniform collection, that includes pieces from Coco & Kandy Crew as well as our trusted brands. It provides a swift and efficient solution for superyachts. Ideal for clients seeking immediate, stylish solutions.

Coco and Kandy Custom Made Uniform

Custom Made

Elevate your yacht uniform with our custom-made service, allowing clients to bring their specific vision to life, ensuring a perfect match with onboard requirements, style and colours. Whether that includes personalised items from ready to wear collection or working with us to create a bespoke design unique to your yacht.


As your all-in-one supplier, we’ve cultivated a close relationship with other brands, offering a unique service that allows you to streamline your yacht uniform needs. Our seamless process ensures you get everything you need, whether it is from our exclusive Coco & Kandy Crew collection or sourced pieces from trusted partners.

Enjoy the simplicity of working with a single supplier, simplifying the process with one invoice and expert management.

Other Services

Discover our additional services, where we offer expert embroidery, digital and screen printing.

We also take care of customised guest giveaways, including premium accessories and garments.

We are continually enhancing our services so if you have any unique requirements, we are always happy to accommodate you.